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Do people still do new years resolutions? We are half way through January how has it been so far?

Have you begun to tick off anything on your resolution list yet?

Have you started that business or “side hustle” yet ?

Are you really Gona let year go by again?

I only made 1 resolution at the beginning of 2022 I promised to grow my credit score to over 620 points ( which I did) βœ“.

2023 I have made only 1 resolution which I won’t share for now 😊😁.

Truth be told changing your life and starting new habits is super super difficult but it can be done if you want it bad enough.

You need to have Grit .

You need to engage In consistent action .

It takes an amount of Madness and determination.

It takes plenty of discipline.

And if you really want it bad enough you need to show up everyday no matter what the weather or how u feel on that particular day. In essence it’s all up to you no one else will do it for you.

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Pull the trigger .

Just keep push And show up .

One love Mo Africa.

Let’s operate.

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