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Valerie Mmanthe Mampshika,[ Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and English].


Why do kids lie and is it normal?

Children typically begin lying during their preschool years, from the early age of two. These intentional attempts at deception may worry parents a little, and they might not believe “the little truth” their children mention at some point.

During observations with toddlers I have noticed that sometimes toddlers mislead parents and guardians by using awareness of adults as a tool to plant false information,for instance a toddler can tell his or her mother that the father did not allow him or her to have ice-cream by guilt tripping the mother to give him or her ice-cream.

Lying may not be socially accepted, in addition the ability to know what others are thinking and feeling is an salient social skill for everyone,and children in simpler terms test your patience and how empathetic you can be towards them.

As children get older and their perspective-taking ability develops, their level of comprehending increases in terms of which lies others will believe, and they improve in correlation to become better at sustaining the lie over a certain period of time for more than a week.

Parents are encouraged to ask questions with a straight face and to examine how the facial expressions of their children are altered to acquire emotional intelligence from a young age.For example,If I ask my seven-year-old nephew something for more than once and he laughs,then that tells me immediately that he might be lying.

The other most salient comparison between toddlers and middle aged children is that their morals develop in such a way that toddlers are more likely to lie for personal gain, while older children increasingly anticipate feeling bad about themselves if they lie.

To lessen the level of lying in children parents and educators should be strict up to a certain level and not stern for children to be able to open up and for them to feel free in their designated environments.


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