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Pocket rocket

A classic case of not seeing a bargain in front of you and snatching it without asking too many questions but simply asking for location and confirming time for appointment . One of the things you need to master when u see a bargain is to act calm and not make the seller to see the level of your excitement. Do due diligence check Natis , check if licence fees are upto date , take number plate and go to your nearest police station and check if there is any “marks” on the vehicle .

You need to move fast while doing your due diligence in order scoop deal of a lifetime.
This is what happened earlier this week. One of my suppliers had advertised a BMW M 140i and put on a price of R250 ***+ , I couldn’t believe my eyes I took pictures of it . White in colour , red interior , under 80 000km on the clock 2018 model. If you do a quick google search on how much they currently retail for you will quickly realise that I have advertised this Pocket rocket 50% under what it retails for.

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BMW 2017 to 2019 retails for ].
The specs :
BMW m 140i – The specs.
*) Power efficiency 32.05 kW : L/100kn
*) 0-60km/h. 2.82 seconds.
*) 0-100km/h . 5.18 seconds.
*) 60 – 110km/h . 3.17 seconds
*) 1/8 mile : 9.02 seconds @140. 9km/h.
*) ¼ mile 13.81 seconds @ 170.. 6km.
*Max acceleration : 0.862 g
*) 100 – 0km/h braking 2.84 secs @36.77 metres.

The six – cylinder BMW 140i.
The Heart of any vehicle is the engine and is just as true for M140i. Astraight – six pounds it’s Bonnert . The M performance twin power turbo technology with twin scroll. Turbocharger provides a full 500mn of torque, which is available from just 1,520 rpm (24 may2018). – []>

Why it’s called M140i – The new name does mean something though more powerfor 3.0 – litre straight turbo engine , upto 335 bhp from 321 bhp, while it’s a small difference there is also an extra 50nn if torque which helps make it feel more powerful when accelerating through the gears. [].

This BMW 140i deal reaffirmed that most people just can’t see good deals in front of their eyes. I went ahead and advertised the BMW 140i on my WhatsApp status (minimum of 500 views per post]. I had over 45 enquiries on it by way of calls and WhatsApp messages. Out of all over 45 enquiries only 3 out 45+ simply asked for location and wanted to view and possibly conclude the deal. One of those that wanted to make an appointment was an approved BMW technician that works and has his own repair workshop that specialises in BMWs and MINI . He simply said to me I will be at Laanglagte this afternoon I want to come view. Another enquiry the customer said I want to buy that car please send me vin and location. The rest of the enquiries over 20 asked if they can get a discount ..yes imagine that a 2018 BMW M140i , with less than 80 000km yes it has been repaired 10 out of 10 paint job. I advertised it for R285 000. They retail for over R600 000 and more. So why would u still want to waste time and ask for discount on such an insane deal. That just speaks to the fact that human beings never actually know what they want. You will be lucky to find an accident damaged front smashed at an auction for under R250 000. So why would you ask for a discount for a driving 2018 BMW 140i advertised for such a low price.

Speaking of not being able to see a great deal in front of your eyes. I later learne ed that the pricing on the vehicle was marked at R285000 by mistake. The actual price the dealer wanted for the vehicle is R439 999 which is still tway below the market value consedering that it’s a code 2 at a super low milleage.

Next time Mo Africa if u see a great deal do due diligence and snap it off the market .

It’s great value for money what else can u get in the hot hatch pocket rocket segment under R450 000?…

We will keep on dishing out and advertising bargain keep your eyes on the price and don’t blink we get so many vehicles that are forsale from both dealers and private sellers ..I get a lot of bargains Mo Africa..
Also to consider: 1. Audi S3 Sportback ( 2018 from R649 000). 2. Mercedes Benz AMG A45;(2018 from R679 000). 3. BMW M240i (2018 from R669 000).

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