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A car can either be a love or horror story, you just have to wrap your hands around the right one. Joumasecars ceaselessly aims to beckon against the tide and fuel your car experience into nothing short of a love adventure. With our vehicle brokering platform that services a niche market industry on a membership basis whether it be from vehicle insurance, finance application, lifestyle apparel and vehicle accessories, we are here to ensure a smooth benevolence between us and your car dealership. As Africa’s economy steadily re-invents itself as stipulated by the AfCFTA in the recent ratification of the Free trade deal amongst 54 countries on the continent. The agreement opens policy for vendors and customers to interact and wheel a deal in their respected proficient areas of trade whilst ensuring a sturdy African economic equilibrium.

Joumasecars pins on to take advantage of the AfCTA ratification by enabling a satisfactory partnership and trade amongst customers and vendors across various African countries. This in action with dealings such as; gearbox exchange, tyres, automotive car replacements etc. This exchange link on a membership only basis further opens up for micro businesses and traders based in per say Zambia, Kenya, Rwanda, Congo Republic, South Africa and various other countries to engage in an efficient and innovatively sustainable trade from the comfort of your laptop or cellular device with Joumasecars in succession of your transition.

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Mandisi Mzulwini 

Mandisi Mzulwini CEO and founder of joumasecars.africa started out his career in the sales industry in the year 2005 at Clientele life insurance as a sales Executive for two and a half years. Mzulwini’s hard work and enthusiasm led him on to later become the top 2 best sales agent at Clientele life insurance amongst 150 telesales consultants in the company. As the saying: “Let your work speak for itself” Mzulwini’s work spoke profoundly for the passion and determination he has in the sales industry. In 2007 Mzulwini started on a sales cadet programme at the BMW head office for 6 months, he was then discovered by Daytona group and BMW Sandton Auto owner to work at the BMW/MINI Sandton as a sales executive for 2 and a half years. He shifted ranks and started working for investment cars on the Lamborghini floor. In 2011 Mzulwini took the much-needed stride with all the experience gathered throughout the years and took the self-employment route. Mzulwini started his marketing and sales with smaller dealers in the Johannesburg CBD key areas such as Braamfontein and Jules street. This venture enabled him to further open a dealership in Braamfontein by strengthening his business relation with car dealers, mechanics, scrap dealers and other various car dealing small enterprises. The much needed 11 years of experience in the industry is now a burgeoning platform to wheel a deal

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