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2023 any Action plan on your side ? My imagination

The City of Capetown has approved a facility worth around R4 billion. Yes my People has officially touched down in Africa.

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The e – commerce kings have officially landed, They are here Folks. 2025 is apparently the year they will be officially launching in the Republic of South Africa, Capetown to be specific is Gona be their base. This is a huge game changer for the whole of Africa. To put it bluntly this is the beginning of the end of Big stores that Occupy Shopping malls . It’s starting to make sense why most big brand high end stores are ditching and closing up shops at Malls such as Mandela square, Sandton City, Hyde Park, East gate mall and many other Shopping malls across the mother land.

In other words if you own or work at a bookstore in South Africa. Please start building your online store system , if you don’t want to end up like the once thriving Music store Musica. Musica closed its doors down and liquidated because they simply didn’t want to embrace change and adapt to an online music offering. So if u own a book store please reskill your workers and start building your online sales systems before Amazon starts operating in South Africa or else you will follow Musica and many other great business of the past that didn’t embrace change .

By 2025 Most Bookstores will be nowhere to be found in majority of shopping malls ,the same can be said about clothing stores and perfume stores.

Dont be like Nokia and be left at the curve of change . Reskill your workers and have an online sales blueprint . Or else will take up All if not 50% of your customers in less than 24 months after launching in South Africa.

The same can be said to Vehicle parts dealers such as Midas and even the Agents themselves . is Gona turn the store concept upside down.

With Covid 19 doing the most also, this is the beginning of the end for shopping malls . Covid 19 has taken the fun out of going to the mall. For me personally it just doesn’t appeal to me anymore. Gone are the days of dressing up and going to catch a movie. I just wonder if the big Cinema houses in South Africa and the world over will survive till 2025. They need to have an amazing service offering to make one to buy a ticket(s)and go sit in a dark room with strangers ,next to you eating popcorn and wearing masks in these covid times. Wouldn’t that just be suicidal, covid 19 thrives under such conditions.

Every Idea(business)has an expiry date:

Don’t be a Nokia coz >Android.

Don’t be a Musica coz > Apple tunes.

Don’t be Horse Cart > Car.

Physical stores >

Radio > Podcasts /Cellphones

The Cellular phone has taken a huge chunk of eyeballs away from a once thriving business of Billboard advertising. Check this out , a 16 seater Minibus / Taxi in the year 2010 that drives from the Capital city of Pretoria to Johannesburg. Chances are all 16 passenger in that minibus would at some point in that journey would see approximately 30 or 40 billboards for the entire 60km journey. Fastfoward to 2020 the same 16 seater with the same occupants on the same journey from the Capital City to Johannesburg. 90 percent of the passengers in that minibus would be glued to their phones they will probably only see 5 billboards if not 1 on that entire journey.

I bet only 2 or 3 passenger out 16 would see what’s actually on these billboard coz the rest would be glued to their cellphones right through out the journey. By 2025 I doubt even the Driver would be viewing any billboards at all at the rate that even drivers are Also watching their phone while driving.

Cashierless stores

Many Professions and businesses ideas face their expiry date . So please Mo Africa Amazon is Gona be on our shores by 2025 that’s less than 4 years . It will be nearly impossible to compete price wise with the American E- commerce giants.

Clothing, Cellphones, Furniture, Books , Tools , car parts , food and many more ..please if you are in those sectors please build an online sales alternative or else we will singing Amagugu to your business. Adjust with the times coz Kuzoba Lit.

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