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Valerie Mmanthe Mampshika,[Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and English. ]

Women encounter many hardships in terms of relationships which they cannot conversate about with others,as a result of them trying to be strong and moving on although it is not accepted in the healing process after breakups.

Each and every woman has a general idea of relationships they would like to be in,and sometimes when they are vocal with their partners in terms of what they want… this idea can be considered as them pressurising their partners which is not the case.

Vulnerable women who have been hurt tremendously and abused physically,emotionally or verbally tend to bring their old problems in their current relationships which clearly depicts that they have not healed from previous awful events,and most of them end up using a lot of vulgar words or creating conflict at all times.

In other cases,I have noticed that women who were left by men without no reason tend to have a phobia of being alone,in addition they end up controlling their partners or forcing them to stay.

In relation to trust,women who have been cheated on the most do not allow their partners to have female friends,at the same time they cannot stand the imagery of seeing their partners with other women in a cosy manner.

Lastly women take time to heal from previous relationships,and their partners need to be understanding and patient by giving them all the love they need for them to regain confidence,and to also restore the idea of being special and feeling beautiful.

Most importantly men need to discuss the background of previous relationships with their partners in order for them to create strategies to maintain the relationship moving forward.

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