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The Taliban which refers to itself as the Islamic Emirate off Afghanistan is a Deobandi Islamist religious-political movement and military organisation in Afghanistan regarded by many governments and organisations as terrorists and it was established in the Kandahar city in September 1994 and founded by Mohammed Omar and Abdul Ghani Baradar. Mohammed Omar is the leader of the organisation and Abdul Ghani Baradar is the deputy leader. Abdul is known by the name ‘Mullah’ and Omar nicknamed him Baradar with the denotative meaning which simply implies ‘Brother’. The organisation was created to protect all the lives of people living in Afghanistan when there is a war occurring in the state. The founders have reassured all the Afghanistan’s that they will try by all means to protect them from the war, although some Afghanistan’s remain sceptical about their safety.

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The people of Afghanistan

In any country when there is a war citizens of that specific country flee to other countries to ensure that they feel safe with their families. Neighbouring countries such as the United States of America are already worried about the number of people who might want to come to their country from Afghanistan, although it might be uneasy for some Afghanistan’s to travel to other countries. The Taliban’s fired in the air and used batons to make people line up in orderly queues outside Kabul airport yesterday a few witnesses explained, due to the aftermath of seven people being killed at the gates.

 Fortunately nearly 28 000 Afghanistan’s and those who are already residing in America have been evacuated since the Taliban took control of the country’s government last weekend, and about 11 000 people were able to flee this past weekend, President Joe Biden mentioned at a news conference. Roughly 2000 refugees have moved to some parts in the cities Virginia and Texas, and on Saturday many Americans volunteered to bring bags of clothes, diapers and games for refugees at a community college. The United States welcomed 65 000 Afghan people with warm hands and some of the refugees were able to get the Special Immigrant Visas to ensure their safety, and the perimeter of increased access for refugees has been expanded.

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