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If you planning on getting yourself a brand new high performance BMW in 2022 it will come with the 50th anniversary of the iconic BMW M division

50th anniversary BMW Motorsport logo

If you order a BMW M car or any model with the M sport package starting March 2022 it can come with the anniversary badge (M Motorsport) placed on the front , rear and wheel hubs. It will be an alternate to the traditional BMW Emblem.

From January 2022 strictly on order you can either visit or visit your nearest dealership if you are based in South Africa . I must say ordering it online is the option is would definitely opt for. I love the science of being able to  use my finger tips and build the M Sports car of my dreams from the comfort of my phone , laptop or desktop.

Back to the BMW m ,50 year celebration. Herewith the different options for the BMW M paint finishes: Daytona violet , Dakar yellow, Macoblue, Imola red, fire orange or Frozen Marina bay blue.

M is still the most important alphabet. BMW M high performance cars like the M3, M4 , X3M etc , will get this special logo. BMW M performance models like the M340i , M440i , X3M40i.

“With the classic BMW Motorsport emblem, we would like to share our joy about the anniversary of BMW M GmbH with fans of the brand”. Says Francisco’s Van Meel, chairman of the board of management of BMW M GmbH.

“We have a great year ahead of us , which will be celebrated with unique product highlights and exciting performances. The M has long been considered the strongest letter in the world and in our company’s anniversary year. It is stronger than ever “.

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