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Valerie Mmanthe Pheladi Mampshika, [ Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and English ].

As a psychology student it is quite a challenge to remember all of the personality disorders,but an attempt to applying the disorders in our society every single day is possible.The disorder that stood out for me was the Border Line Personality Disorder,and I personally feel like countless individuals have not been diagnosed for the disorder as yet,but they demonstrate numerous symptoms of the disorder.

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In simpler terms,I would define it as individuals crossing the border in their lives, hence it was called the Border Line Personality Disorder.Theoretically it is considered as a serious psychological or mental condition which is characterised by unstable moods,emotions, relationships, and behaviour,in simpler terms individuals who have this disorder do not treat people the same, and they are narcissists who always blame others,instead of blaming themselves,and little do they know that they are not always right.In relation to the symptoms in terms of behaviour individuals tend to engage in risky and impulsive behaviours such as going on shopping sprees, drinking excessive amounts of alcohol or abusing drugs,engaging in promiscuous sex and binge eating.

In correlation to the way they feel individuals would be on an emotional roller coaster with quick mood shifts.People with this disorder cannot be in healthy and peaceful relationships with their loved ones,and it is classified by frequent conflicts,arguments,and constant break-ups.

These specific individuals also have difficulties related to the stability of their sense of self,and lastly they experience changes in thinking including paranoid thoughts or they take out their frustrations on other people to feel better about their unapologetic selves.If you discover that one of your loved ones might be experiencing this disorder then you should encourage them to go for psychotherapy and get treatment from a professional for them to be happy individuals at the end.



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