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Valerie Mmanthe Mampshika,[Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and English.]

Numerous children worldwide report bullying to their educators or parents,but some do not have the guts to report if they are threatened by other children.Educators and parents have emotional intelligence in terms of understanding why the behaviour of children transitions.The answer to behaviour transitioning in children might be bullying in such a way that they isolate themselves or anger builds up by them bottling up their feelings if they are not heard.

Bullying occurs in various settings (schools,workplaces etc.)and I can simply explain it as a term which consists of individuals mistreating others by threatening them to do or get certain things for them at their own expense for instance.

In most cases bullying is caused by individuals feeling powerless,suffering from insecurity,the need to control other individuals to regain power,and enjoying the rewards they get from bullying.

Furthermore it has been proven that due to the behaviourism theory of individuals learning and adapting to certain behaviours in their own specific settings young bullies might live in households where adults bully one another to get their way or deal with conflict. They might not know how else to get their needs met or how to manage disagreements.

I personally feel as if other causes of bullying in children from a young age is throwing tantrums and parents not being able to say “no” to them when they want something and with adults those who have been bullied before bully others to regain their power,and to feel better about themselves.

In a nutshell individuals should be kind to others and watch what they say and the world could be a better place.

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