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Classic car prices have risen steadily over the years, and some are
worth a sizeable fortune. However, determining a vintage car’s
worth or fair market value (FMV) goes beyond assessing the body
condition, mechanical integrity and the level of restoration
undertaken to bring the vehicle to life. In the case of the most
expensive cars sold at auction, wealthy car collectors look for two
things: limited production numbers and racing provenance.
The Ferrari 250 GTO built from 1962 to 1964 ticks all the boxes of
an expensive future classic. Ferrari only made 36 examples of the
street-legal GTO (Gran Turismo Omologato) for around $18,000
each, and each buyer was approved personally by Enzo Ferrari.
The BMW New Class (Neue Klasse) lineup of sedans and coupes
manufactured between 1962 and 1977 were critical ingredients of
BMW’s sporting history and styling lineage. Not only did the New
Class establish BMW’s identity as a sports sedan manufacturer, but
it rescued the German automaker from insolvency after the 1950s
financial crisis. The New Class were also the first production BMW
vehicles to feature the iconic Hoffmeister kink.
It’s not highly unusual for a vintage supercar to be shrouded in
mystery, but none is more perplexing than the Bugatti Type 57 SC
Atlantic. Bugatti only sold three handcrafted Atlantics between 1936
to 1938. The first model built in 1936 was destroyed on a level
crossing, eventually killing the car’s second owner. Initially built for
British banker Victor Rothschild, the vehicle underwent a complex
restoration a few decades after the crash.
Determining a classic car’s future value requires extensive
knowledge, prudent research and a little bit of luck. As
The automotive world shifts towards electrification and alternative
energies, we expect iconic, gasoline-powered, high-performance
vintage cars to demand astronomical prices at auction. In some

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Old school is cool school

cases, the historical significance of these cars now outweighs any
real or perceived flaws, people have moved on from the negativity
and discovered something of a treasure in these old cars. It has
given these classic cars a new lease on life in their old age, with
many of the people responsible for the bad reputations long gone.
Back in the 50s nobody quite knew what to make of it, now,
due to how unconventional the thing is it has become a
coveted classic. It is a love it or hate it kind of car, back when
it was new, most people just hated it, today it seems like most
people love it.
Ironically, so many of these poorly made cars were made back
then by Ford, a few survived. To be fair only a handful haven’t
returned to the earth, and for the fans who have managed to
keep them roadworthy, the value has suddenly shot up. What
was once quite literally the worst, cheapest car on the road has become an automotive icon.

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