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Discover what's wrong with the charger on your Toshiba laptop and how to fix it if it's not working.

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The charger is the laptop's oxygen source; thus, without it, you couldn't complete your daily tasks. But an accident or carelessness could cause the charger or the laptop's charging capacity to stop working. If that's the case and your laptop charger is utterly unresponsive, continue reading because we'll go through every possible solution.

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I'm connected to the internet, but my laptop isn't charging.

A unique LED embedded in the charger will either light up or make a beeping sound as soon as you attach it to your laptop. If that doesn't happen, there could be a number of reasons why the laptop doesn't charge even after being connected. Here are a few examples:

  • It's probable that a damaged charger adapter cord is the cause of the laptop's insufficient power supply.
  • The charger and the battery are both outdated.
  • a problem with the computer's power source; an out-of-date battery driver.

Part 2: Four remedies for the laptop charger issue

Regardless of whether the problem is caused by hardware or software, the four simple fixes listed below can assist in fixing it and getting your laptop's battery up and charging in no time:

  • repair hardware issues;
  • your machine, restart it;
  • Install the battery driver once more;
  • Update your BIOS
  1. Resolving hardware issues

The methods listed below may be employed to look into various hardware issues that could be the cause of the charger's dysfunction:

  • Connect the Toshiba laptop charger to various outlets in the area where you are using the computer to see if it charges. If so, there is a problem with your room's electrical plug. If not, investigate any potential power cable problems.
  • When the minuter expires, kindly remove the laptop battery from its container and reattach it. After attaching the charger, see if the laptop's charging LED comes on.
  1. Restart your laptop: Most problems can be resolved by restarting the computer.

When necessary, the device can be tuned up using the power reset. These steps should be followed to hard reset your laptop:

  • Once the laptop has been placed to sleep, remove the battery;
  • Press and hold the power button on your laptop for 30 seconds before letting go;
  • After changing the battery in the device's compartment, restart your laptop;
  • While simultaneously attaching the charger, check to see if the computer is charging.
  1. Install the latest battery driver.

The battery may not have recognized the charger properly because of a recent Windows 10 update. The main culprit is the battery's driver, which is either outdated or incompatible with the most recent Windows update. You can resolve the issue by using Windows Device Manager to update the battery's driver, as shown below:

  • "Device Manager" should be typed into the Windows search box.
  • Double-click "Batteries" to open it; next, right-click the driver for your battery and select "Update Driver" to proceed.
  • You can automate the actions of the interface by selecting "Search automatically for updated driver software."
  • Please wait a short while before closing the window and restarting your laptop to see if the driver has been updated.

How to Recover Lost Data from a Laptop Using Recoverit:

The previous section warned that upgrading the BIOS could result in data loss. Fortunately, the extensive variety of unique features of Recoverit Data Recovery software, which are listed below, allow it to recover files from any situation:

Phase 1: Choose a Location 

On your laptop, launch the software and choose any folder from the interface to recover data from. Select "Start" after that. Do not worry if you are unable to resolve your issues with this. You can find all the information you require by going to a nearby Toshiba service center in the USA.

Phase 2: Survey the Area.

When you click Start, the recovery scan will begin. It will take a few minutes to complete. The length of the scan depends on the amount of deleted data. To monitor the recovery of your data, you can pause or stop the scanning process on Recoverit's user interface. Upon completion of the scan, you will be given a notification.

Phase 3: Review and file recovery 

You can check the files and verify their correctness in the "preview" section of Recoverit. When you are happy with the results, carefully choose the data you want to recover and choose "Recover" to save the restored files.


The battery and charger will give you some advance notice of a problem before completely failing to accomplish their functions. To avoid such problems, it is essential that the battery and charger be checked often.