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How to resolve the HP printer's E1, E2, and E3 errors

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The most frequent errors on HP printers are E1, E2, and E3. Each of these errors has a unique set of solutions, but in general, errors on HP printers can be fixed by resetting the printer. 

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One of the crucial pieces of computer hardware is the printer. The ability to print any type of file from a computer, laptop, or other device is one of the printer's features. This device is present in almost all houses and institutions. There are three different types of printers: dot-matrix printers, inkjet printers, and laser printers. The printer keeps improving in each type. in terms of technology and physical design.Many printers are still made today without the usage of cords. However, the printer occasionally encounters issues, in this case errors E1, E2, and E3. A printer can jam for a variety of reasons. Resetting the printer is one technique to address the HP Printer Error. Reset is one method for fixing a printer issue. The goal of this is to reset the work device to its default settings. Resetting the printer not only fixes issues but also performs maintenance. Of course, each type of printer has a unique way to reset it. 

Care should also be required to prevent HP printer faults E1, E2, and E3. by routinely cleaning the HP printer after or before usage, as an illustration. A busy printer should be cleaned once each week. However, if the printer is not overly busy, it can take longer. There are two different types of printer self-cleaning. The first is regular cleaning, which can be completed quickly and at any time. The second, or "deep cleaning," is a more thorough cleaning. Deep cleaning helps print results whether or not there is a problem. For printers that see moderate usage, you can perform this intensive cleaning once a month. A computer gadget is used to clean printers. Therefore, you don't need to switch the computer off. In fact, in order to instruct the printer to clean itself, you must turn on every computer device. 

Here's how to fix the HP printer's E1, E2, and E3 errors.


When a print job is received, the printer begins loading the paper and realises that the print job's paper width is more than the width of the loaded paper.

Fixing the E1 error

To stop printing and eject the paper, click the Resume or Cancel buttons. One of the following should be done before to printing to prevent issues with mismatched paper sizes. When printing, adjust the paper size setting to fit the loaded paper. Load paper that is compatible with the desired paper size after removing all other paper from the input tray.


A one-page print job is delivered to the printer, which then notices that the paper length specified in the print job does not match the length of the paper loaded and prints the page incorrectly.

How to Fix the E2 Error

To remedy a mistake, press any button on the control panel or wait two minutes. Prior to printing, one of the following should be completed to avoid problems with mismatched paper length. Change the paper size setting for the print job to accommodate the loaded paper. After removing all other paper from the input tray, load paper that is the proper size for the print job. 


The printer accepts a multi-page print job, notices that the loaded paper's length does not match the print job's paper length, and then encounters an error when printing the first page.

Fixing The E2 Error

Press the Cancel button to end the print job.

Press the Resume button to continue printing the remaining pages. The errors on the subsequent pages will be identical to those on page one.


There is a jam in the printer.

Fixing E3 errors

Check to see that the carriage is unobstructed and then open the print head access door. Press the Resume button after moving the media to the right and shutting the printhead access door.

Here are some quick fixes for HP printer errors E1, E2, and E3. Please maintain the printer as previously advised to prevent future errors.