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[Sticky] RSA Needs a hero who can Sacrifice their Chev

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South Africa needs a hero , a hero that will sacrifice his/her own to sustain the rest of the Breed of Chevrolet Lumina SS (Ute).

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South African needs a hero to sacrifice their Chevrolet Lumina Ute to stripp it for parts and sustain and preserve other Utes out there. IAM calling and asking any one out there to step up and be a national hero.

The parts for Chevrolet's are super scarce to find hence if you find one Stripping parts it won't come cheap for obvious reasons (demand & supply).

I get over 10 enquiries on a weekly basis . The past 4 days of 2022 I have had over 14 requests for different parts for the Ute.

My suggestion is that all Chev Lumina owners need to start or grow a stockvel for Lumina parts . IAM Volunteering that this platform to be the host nationally as well the rest of Africa for owners of this prestigious brand to dialogue and share information, parts and any useful data to keep this icon alive. 

A Chevrolet Lumina needs to be found very soon and be placed in trust for all the members of the stockvel to share it's parts equitably or start the process of sharing parts and info of scrap dealers that sell the parts.

Join this thread free of charge and link up with other Ute owners.


Rise Mo Africa.


For Lumina parts forsale email


In the meantime register to be part of this Chev Lumina forum and let's wheel a deal.