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Valerie Mmanthe Mampshika,[Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and English]

Communication is simple defined as a transactional process of a sender sending a specific message to the receiver with the hope of receiving feedback,therefore a proper conversation occurs when both parties are given a chance to speak. 

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Tool (s) of communication

Respect is an imperative factor in the communication process in such a way that if individuals respect each other the conversation will definitely continue,for instance parents should listen to the way their children feel,and at the same time children are expected to respect their parents. 

In relation to feelings when individuals communicate with others they should be considerate of the way their words might pierce the hearts of other individuals since words cannot be taken back. 

In terms of conflict there should be a solution to a problem if it is solved amicably by respecting one another and considering how the other individual might feel. 

Pretence is another detrimental factor which individuals should keep in mind which they should avoid at all costs by being transparent,because they might be forced to be in certain spaces with individuals they do not like. 

Lastly,I encourage individuals to respect the way other individuals prefer to communicate,for instance some individuals prefer calls,or texts and some of them hate video calls,therefore a simple text will do.

All in all,communication is a process which takes place everyday in all the settings of our society,thus individuals should learn to listen as well to learn more from other individuals,since learning is also regarded as an everyday process. 

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