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Valerie Mmanthe Mampshika,[Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and English.]

The popular theorist in Psychology has to be Sigmund Freud who created the psychoanalytic theory.Freud believed that our different experiences from childhood have a bad impact in our lives moving forward.

One of the ideas he included in his theory was the use of defence mechanisms which can be simply defined as a collective of mental processes which enables the mind to reach compromise solutions to conflicts which cannot be resolved easily in our lives.

Professionals on the other hand provide strategies during therapy sessions which individuals can use to cope with the stresses of life,but it is entirely up to the individual to understand themselves and to try and find defence mechanisms they could use in their lives.

The different types of defence mechanisms I could recommend for various individuals is for them to jot down their feelings,listen to loud music,getting a stress ball,doing tasks on time to avoid panicking,meditating and imagining positive things,praying,exercising,and lastly being with a group of people to distract themselves.

Since there are introverts,extroverts,and ambiverts individuals should choose one of the different types of defence mechanisms mentioned above for them to be able to cope and find solutions to their problems in life.

Indeed life goes on,but it is more pleasant when everything runs smoothly and individuals need to take control of their lives,better late than never!

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