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Valerie Mmanthe Mampshika,[Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and English].


Emotional detachment refers to the inability of a person to fully engage with feelings of their own or those of others,also the concept may interfere with an individual’s physical,emotional,psychological and social development from birth up until adulthood.

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“However, being able to disconnect from one’s feelings may be helpful for people experiencing stressful situations”,said Timothy Legg.According to my understanding of individuals most of them bottle up their feelings,and it’s easier for them to keep quiet instead of expressing their feelings with the possibility of being judged.

In association with Sigmund Freud’s psychoanalytic theory he proposed that all the experiences that individuals have from childhood have an impact on the perspective of life and reality in the future,and at the same time children who are taken care of have a high possibility of viewing the world in a positive way.

Due to theoretical foundation of the theory it was suggested by psychologists that children may have a greater chance of developing attachment disorders and emotional detachment if they experience difficult circumstances in early life, such as losing a loved one or seperating with a caregiver,having traumatic experiences repeatedly,growing up in an orphanage as orphans,experiencing all forms of abuse(emotional,sexual,verbal,physical etc.)or neglect.

Symptoms which are prevalent in adults in terms of an attachment disorder includes the difficulty of opening up to other individuals,they experience challenging intimate relationships,the listening skills are poor,there is inadequate physical, verbal, or sexual contact,individuals have poor self-esteem which simply implies that they are not confident as individuals,and they resort to substance abuse.

Individuals who think they are suffering from emotional detachment are encouraged to learn how to open up to an individual they trust,find ways to relieve stress and anxiety such as revamping their appearance and exercising,improving their ability to trust other individual,strengthening their sense of self by going for individual therapy and learning more about themselves in order for them to have the ability to develop skills for regulating how they feel. 

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