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Valerie Mmanthe Mampshika,[Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and English.]

Baumrind came up with four different parenting styles namely authoritarian parenting,authoritative parenting,permissive parenting,and uninvolved parenting which parents need to learn about in order for them to become better parents.

Authoritarian is derived from the word ‘authority’.I can simply define authoritarian parenting as a style of parenting,whereby children are expected to follow the strict rules established by the parents,and if they do not follow the rules their parents end up punishing them in a harsh way. Such parents are not responsive to their children and their children are not expected to make mistakes, because they do not want to be embarrassed in public when others mention their children.

Authoritative parenting style is the comparison of authoritarian parenting style. Parents who fall under this style establish rules and guidelines that their children can follow and they are also responsive to their children because their opinions also matter, instead of punishing their children they nurture them and show them what they have done wrong.

Permissive parenting style derived from the word ‘permission’ explains how children are rarely disciplined by their parents and they do not expect much from their children, and it’s easy for children to communicate with their parents because they are friends.

Uninvolved parenting style as the last style refers to parents who neglect their children, and parents have a few expectations, they respond a little to their children when they need them, and they do not communicate with their children enough, and as a result their children cannot get help and support.

Parents should be able to communicate with their children, and support them at all times. They should also teach them right and wrong by punishing them not in a harsh way and rewarding them with something if they have done something good. At the end of the day parents should be good role models because children learn from them every single day, and lastly being a strict parent is not an option because I’ve seen that when children are comfortable outside their homes their behaviour transitions (they feel free and unwind).

To sum up the article if parents need therapy on how to become better parents then so be it than raising children who are filled with anger which might lead to them retaliating at a later stage in their lives.

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