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2023 any Action plan on your side ? My imagination
Valerie Mmanthe Mampshika,[Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and English].

Many articles have been written on newspapers,magazines and online websites on the issue of proposals.I always mention that not every method works for everyone because we are unique.

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Experience is indeed a good teacher because we learn from our mistakes and everyone has a past in relationships and that is why our previous relationships have an impact on our mindsets in our relationships.

Ladies should conceptualise that men are different beings to them and their minds function differently in comparison to the minds of women and after reading plenty articles about proposals I managed to generate my own tips for women who would like their partners to pop the question sooner or later.

Tip 1: Have a better approach of discussing the future in a polite way(kids,marriage etc.)

Tip 2: Men do listen… DO NOT REPEAT YOURSELF.

Tip 3:Learn to participate in his hobbies such as playing video games with him.

Tip 4 : Draw up budget plans with him.

Tip 5:Discuss the type of wedding you want and reassure him that you will meet him halfway financially.

Tip 6 : Go all out to make his life better by helping him improve his weaknesses(e.g doing house chores with him)

Tip 7 : Be his confidant at all times.

Tip 8: Give him space every now and then to deal with his issues the best way he can.

Tip 9: Have your own life to avoid being clingy which could cause a phobia of him not seeing his friends and family after marriage.

Tip 10 : Plan affordable romantic getaways or romantic dinners at home of his favourite meals

Bottomline is do not change his life and learn to be patient…nobody can take away what belongs to you. Most importantly being family orientated could be a bonus.

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