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Valerie Mmanthe Mampshika,[Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and English.]

There are three types of memory according to the old modal model of memory which was created by Psychology researchers during the Birth of Psychology in relation to Cognitive Psychology (which involves cognition/thinking processes). 

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The first type of memory is sensory memory(involved with our senses which are perceived in our environments),and it holds information for a few seconds.

Short-term memory holds information from 15 seconds to 30 seconds,such as trying to memorise a few digits(known as the “digit span”). 

Long-term memory also known as “working memory” holds information of complicated tasks such as comprehension,reading and studying which is information that lasts for a longer duration in our brains.

Information is perceived through our retina which acts as a receptor,and transmits neural signals from our eyes through the visual pathways to the visual cortex which is a part of the brain that adds up the information for individuals to understand what they have seen.

In association with our topic I have noticed as a tutor that it is uneasy for parents to accept that their children have other capabilities other than learning by using their long-term memory capacity to hold crucial information from school.

As much as they attempt to learn like other children at school it is not easy to memorise all the information they have learnt at school.

Therefore,parents should look for various schools which offer other creative subjects such as handywork at schools(practical work)for instance,and maybe their children might prefer learning in a different way.

In short,if your child cannot learn in the old fashioned way,and repeats grades more than once the first step should be accepting that they perceive difficult mental tasks differently,and they might not be visual learners.

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