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Valerie Mmanthe Mampshika, [ Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and English ]

Although we are important as individuals and we need to make ourselves happy first, we also need to value and appreciate people in our surroundings. Communication amongst people is effective once they learn from one another in terms of sharing their accumulated knowledge in life and articulating it to their personal experiences as various individuals. Effective communication is about exchanging information, and understanding the emotion and intentions behind the information shared during conversations. The theme of the article is based on individuals being heard in conversations when they view their own opinions. Below there are tips which individuals should utilise to ensure that communication is effective to avoid misunderstandings and to grasp the real meaning of what is being communicated.

Tip 1-Listen attentively to gain the full meaning of what is being said to ensure that the other person feels heard and understood.

Tip 2-Stick to the same topic to avoid misunderstandings and conflict.

Tip 3-Focus on the conversation to avoid distractions.

Tip 4-Body language should be consistent.

Tip 5-Block out your ideas until the other individual is done talking.

Tip 6-Become an engaged listener.

Tip 7-Avoid interrupting or trying to redirect the conversation to your personal concerns.

Tip 8-Show interest.

Tip 9-Try to set aside judgement.

Tip 10-Provide feedback.

The world can become a better place if we all communicate effectively by using the tips provided in the article.

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