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Valerie Mmanthe Mampshika,[Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and English].

As individuals we adapt to different environments by changing our personalities which is why convicts change in prison globally.

In most cases convicts on multiple interviews have pointed out that most of them started crime out of desperation to provide from themselves and their families,and guess what…

They become greedy and they end up being caught.Once they are in jail their behaviour is monitored and those who do not behave get punished for it.

As we all know that prisoners do not live normal lives ,mainly because some live in fear and some bully other prisoners to express their anger.

The main factor discussed in this article will be the idea of their families accepting them after completing their sentences in relation to behaviour transitioning as a relative of multiple ex-convicts.

-Ex-Convicts do not want to be treated like convicts at home.
-Families should let them get enough sleep with their eyes both closed to conquer their fear of getting hurt during their sleep.
-If they want to change the family needs to support them emotionally,financially and mentally.
-They should not be reminded about their pasts which delays them from moving on.
-Families should not be too strict like police officials to make them feel at home.
-A change of scenery might be helpful,families are encouraged to move them to alternate places they can live in with other family members.
-Remember that ex-convicts are adults,therefore they would like to be treated as adults.

Mistakes occur frequently,and we learn from our past experiences,but ex-convicts have criminal records,so life will get worse before it gets better for them.Lastly,family members should be patient in relation to the process of them changing into better useful individuals in the family.

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