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Valerie Mmanthe Mampshika,[Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and English].

An investigation of the correlation between alcohol abuse and the environment among undergraduates students on campuses was made,and the results are as follows:

Due to peer pressure and new peers in a new environment,students in numerous universities worldwide use alcohol excessively, as a result of social pressure encouraging them to drink more.Students engage on activities outside the lecturing setting which has a direct impact on their lives.

The study focused on numerous students who are victims of alcohol abuse by utilising results from various studies to determine the impact of the correlation of alcohol abuse and environment on the lives of students in various universities globally.

Alcohol abuse has an influence on the social lives of undergraduate students in universities globally.It was discovered that students experience freedom, and the emergence of experimenting when they enter public institutions begins during the first year of their studies, at the same time within the new environment they are compelled to find new peers, also they are pressurised by peers which forces them to develop new social identities, in addition the actual prevalence of alcohol abuse is not accurately known,which is an aftermath of students who living in the vicinity of the school having the ability to invite other students into their personal spaces.

Students encounter social obstacles on campus in a new environment from home, and as a final year Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Psychology and English student in regards to academic relevance we could assume that students resolve their obstacles through excessive alcohol use and high levels of peer pressure.In various societies parents and individuals might not acknowledge that students face many obstacles apart from academics.

Results also indicated that students expect an element of tension being reduced,and an increase in sexual interest when they drink alcohol for social and enhancement motives which could result into a high prevalence of HIV infection and poor educational resources from home.

Altogether,it would be uneasy for universities to monitor the behaviour of students who are viewed as young adults who are also permitted to drink globally.

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