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Valerie Mmanthe Mampshika, [Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and English]


By starting this article on a lighter note,feelings do not have an on and off switch,therefore it is hard for people to forget their exes instantly. 

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Individuals have shared almost everything with their exes (memories,good and bad events,and sexual moments to name a few),thus relationships were built with factors such as communication and trust. 

Psychologists encourage their clients to ask for assistance when they finally realise that they need advice or strategies which can be used to overcome all challenges and the topic of the article might be one of them. 

Many individuals think that it is appropriate to communicate with their exes by depicting their courage of forgetting events which occured in the past,but in this article we focus on the fact that they will not forget their exes,but individuals also need to make sure that the presence of their exes does not have an impact on their lives. 

It is inappropriate for individuals to communicate with their exes mainly because it might be easier for their exes to try and rectify their wrongs from previous relationships,and using the idea to gain access by trying to get their exes back in the early stages of the acceptance stage. 

Basic tips have also been compiled for those who would like to begin with the healing process of breaking up with their exes. 

Tip 1: Delete everything that reminds you of them. 

Tip 2 Block them on social media.

Tip 3 Greet them to avoid awkwardness in public .

Tip 4 Cut off ties with individuals who are close to them(family members for instance). 

Tip 5 Avoid talking about them in your new relationship.

In short,your new partner should not be a rival of your ex,and at the same time individuals should not treat their new partners as rebounds…Heal and move on once you are ready.

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