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The company formerly known as Facebook is a facing a possible logo trademark obstacle to its rebranding plans. The Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced that the retitling of its parent company to Meta during the company’s Connect 2021 conference last week.

The name suggests to Facebook’s focus on the metaverse, the concept which provides the description of future virtual environments in which individuals can congregate and socialise in which will also assist to segregate the company’s corporate identity from its apps. Nevertheless, another company has beaten Facebook to the trademark rights on Meta. Arizona-based startup Meta PC, which sells Meta-branded computers, components, and PC peripherals, filed a trademark for the ‘‘Meta’’ name three months ago. A filing on the Patent and Trademark Office’s website has confirmed the claim. The company has been selling products carrying the Meta name for a year now.

On the other hand, Facebook only filed for the term ‘Meta’ on the day of its announcement, possibly to avoid any possible leaks that would spoil the big reveal. Nonetheless, the non-profit Chan Zuckerberg Initiative has owned the ‘META’ trademark for three years. Although, the owner of a federal trademark has unquestionable legal protections over it but does not own the word, therefore it would not prohibit another company from using the name for its products, unless a conflict arises that would result in confusion from the consumers.




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