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In the 21st century the style trends of the fashion industry exist predominantly in
the world now more than they did before, and control not only the way people dress
but also trends in home ware design, makeup fashion and people’s overall
attitudes. In the 60s flower power did not only mean flares and tunics, it summed up
the whole attitude of a generation, and this is even more prominent today.
Being ahead of fashion is for many, the ultimate achievement, although being too
ahead of the fashion is just as bad as being behind it! If you are too far ahead
people will think what you are wearing is not in fashion, because it isn’t, yet. Social
media or social selling Is the new way of providing different fashion accessories,
brands, new clothing styles to the youth.
A period of time portrayed in a picture can be identified immediately just by the style
of clothes the people are wearing, and this sums up just how powerful and all-
encompassing fashion is. Fashion can change from one second to the next, but
what never changes is the hold it has over society, and the role it plays in the
modern world. Fashion is so important that whole magazines are dedicated to it, TV
programs dedicate hours of transmission time to the subject, and people discus it
between their friends continually.
As an expression of their feelings today’s youth endeavour to interpret
fashion trends and adopt the clothing style that suits their value and traits. It is
trickle across theory where the lure of aesthetic experience has given rise to
everyday fashion and cognitive engagement. Besides the traditional social
agenda of fashion trends, it is the attitude of the generation Z that has set
forth the trend of anonymous style and self expression.
The world we live in now however creates the convenience and accessibility of
clothing to many of those who choose to wear it for comfort & to those who create
and speak through the their clothes sagaciously.
Designers continue to market the importance they know people put on fashion, and
people continue to hang on to designers’ every move in the fashion world, therefore
as long as this carries on fashion will continue to maintain its dominant position in
society for a very long time to come. It influences not only what we wear, but
everything we do, say, and even think. This is why fashion does indeed rule not
only the fashion space but the way in which we consume and understand society’s rapidly changing trends and culture.

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