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Valerie Mmanthe Mampshika,[Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and English].

Savings or Investing early ?

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Parents go all out to spoil their children,and at the same time they attempt to pay all the monthly bills to ensure that their families are safe and secure which is important.

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs which falls under the Humanistic perspective stresses on the idea that individuals have to be safe and secure at some point in their lives before they can reach the self-actualization stage which is the last level of the model.

In this article we will be providing tips which parents could use to educate their children to be independent at a tender age (remember psychology emphasizes on the idea that children learn from their surroundings and apply it to their lives in the future).

In schools children are taught about the basics of businesses in terms of expenditure,loss and profit,plus they are taught to save money,but they do not have adequate information about saving money.

Have your wondered why children ask for things you cannot afford? Well,children think of reality and finance in a positive way,which is why parents should hop in and explain how much they spend monthly to ensure that all their needs are covered.

The behaviourism theory,on the other hand explains that rewards can reinforce behaviour in a way,and parents can use that idea by rewarding their children if they have done something good like getting high grades to motivate them.

Parents are encouraged to teach their children to save money weekly,and open bank accounts for them under their supervision to ensure that they learn the importance of saving for things they want.

All in all,teach them when they are still young,because nobody else will teach them about money.If they are spoilt it is an aftermath of the way they are treated at home,and maybe the level of appreciation will rise up.

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