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On Wednesday the 8th of September a fire at an overcrowded Indonesian prison designated for ex-drug dealers has claimed at least 41 lives. The fire began from 1am to 2am at Tangerang prison in the Banten province, near Jakarta which is the capital of Indonesia.

The police spokesperson Yusri Yunus 8 men were severely burned, and more than 80 men were injured, and sadly the cause of the fire has not been discovered as yet. The Reuters news agency reported that two foreign nationals from South Africa were amongst the dead men Jakarta police Chief Fadil Imran told the reporters that fire-fighter’s extinguished the blaze after about two hours, saying the situation was back under control, and the inmates who survived in the block have been moved temporaily, while the injured have been taken to two hospitals namely Sitanala hospital and Tangerang Regency General Mr Imran added. The prison which filled above the normal capacity with a number of 122 convicts. Happily the prison officers on duty in the prison on the day the fire broke out were unhurt.

With poor funding and a huge number of prisoners, and amid President Joko Widodo’s crackdown on narcotics use and trade launched early in his tenure, overflowing has become a problem in Indonesian facilities, and probably the prisoners started the fire to enable them to escape from the prison easily, and they did not think the fire might be the result of the death of some men which was a selfish move as their families thought they might leave the prison alive when their sentences end.

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