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The media company eNCA mentioned today in the early hours on Thursday morning that a new Covid-19 outbreak in China has been linked to a group of terrorists. In the capital city authorities have cancelled numerous flights, closed schools and ramped up testing for the masses to try and stamp out a new COVID-19 outbreak linked to a group of terrorists.

Beijing has sustained a relentless zero-Covid approach with strict border closures and targeted lockdowns, although other countries have attempted to ease their restrictions. Dosmetic outbreaks in households have been eliminated largely, but as the country reached a fifth straight day of new cases the authorities beefed up coronavirus controls. The current outbreak was articulated to an old couple who joined a group of tourists from the city of Shanghai to Gansu and Mongolia. Those who need to leave must have the ability to present a negative COVID-19 test.

When we thought that the dust had settled in terms of the virus, sadly the dust is still in the air and the end of the virus is unknown. Hopefully, other countries will close the borders until the outbreak is over in China…as we all know the African continent might have to receive more funds to keep afloat since the economy has been affected due to poor trade.




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