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Valerie Mmanthe Mampshika, [ Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and English]

We have all been hurt by the actions or words of other individuals at some point in life, or had a traumatic experience of being physically or emotionally abused by individuals who are close to our hearts. The open wounds can leave individuals with long lasting anger and bitterness, in addition they could have vengeance as well.

We have seen in most instances that those who do not practice forgiveness might pay dearly, since forgiveness includes embracing peace, hope, gratitude and joy amongst individuals. People should consider the path of forgiveness leading them to physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. Obviously individuals will not forget, but they should learn to move on like the hand of a watch or clock (time does not stand still).

Benefits of forgiving other individuals include individuals having healthy and open relationships with others, their mental health improves if they do not overthink, they experience less anxiety, stress and hostility towards others, the blood pressure is lowered and the heart beats normally, they demonstrate partial symptoms of depression, a stronger immune system as a result of not having loss of appetite, and lastly improved self-esteem of not needing the approval of others in life. However, it is easy for individuals to hold a grudge if they were hurt by their loved ones, and it demolishes the love and trust you had for them.

Everyone should conceptualise that forgiveness is a commitment to a personalised gradual process of changing their lives. Those who fail to forgive others are encouraged to try seeing the situation from the other person’s point of view or they should do an introspection in terms of the people whom they have hurt previously and forgave them.

Reconciliation as a repercussion of forgiveness takes place if the person involved is valuable in your life and if they do not transition their ways, continue with your lifeThe most significant factor in this article is that individuals need to learn to forgive themselves as well in order for them to have the ability to amend their wrongdoings.





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