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Valerie Mmanthe Mampshika, [Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and English].

Breaking up with someone is probably one of the hardest things to do which is part of dating, which includes ending all contact, thoughts and obsession over the ex, and at times it feels like you may never stop thinking about them. Feelings do not have an on and off switch and that is why there is a possibility of individuals obsessing over the lives of their exes and the lives they may be living without them with their new potential partners. The first two weeks the other individual will wonder if it is worth giving the relationship another try and fighting for it.

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In order to ensure that you do not encounter the possibilities mentioned there are tips of getting over your ex.

Tip 1- Get off social media for a bit and try not to facilitate their new posts and their friends’ posts.

Tip 2- Get rid of ex reminders such as inexpensive gifts, cards, letters, and clothing which can trigger strong emotions and memories which lead to obsession.

Tip 3- Resist the temptation to stage run-ins which simply implies that accidentally running into your ex might be tempting, but the best decision is to avoid them.

Tip 4- Visualise your future (without your ex).

Tip 5- Do not contact them (block them if possible). Think about it-when has calling an ex resulted in anything good?

Tip 6- Get support from friends: there is nothing wrong with asking your friends to encourage you to stop talking about your ex.

Tip 7- Plan a vacation with your family or friends to get fresh air (make sure you do not travel alone).

Tip 8- Move or redecorate if you have shared your living space with your ex.

Tip 9- Start dating again, at the very least dating apps can help to preoccupy you while your heart continues to heal.

Tip 10- Get professional support if needed and do a self-introspection.

Tip 11- Do things for yourself by ensuring that you tick off some of the items you want to do from your bucket list.

There is a man for every woman, and a woman for every man, and you will find them as long as you do not pressurise yourself. There is a time frame for everything and not everyone will get married.



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