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Valerie Mmanthe Mampshika,[Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and English].

Social Psychology theorists had the belief that all adults worldwide should have a proper relationship with their family members and the person they love,plus they should form friendships with more than one friend.In this article we will be focusing on friendships and relationships,in addition we will also explain the contributions they make in one’s life.

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From a young age individuals form friendships in society with the hope that they will learn something from their friends during their interactions,also they choose friends who would be willing to help them in certain situations for instance,children share toys with their friends.Unfortunately most adults become friends with individuals who expect something in return,but we will be focusing on the positives in this article. 

In relation to relationships children interact with all the adults in society to learn and imitate what they say and do,because they make sense of the world through what they see on a daily basis in society for instance,a primary school learner might want to look pretty like her teacher,hence the saying “it takes a village to raise a child”.Adults,on the other hand need to be able to communicate with their family members and partners freely to have a sense of belonging,and to feel loved. 

For the above mentioned “ships” to be maintained biblically it has been suggested that individuals should pour into the cups of others which simply implies that individuals should help one another in society in case someone is experiencing problems in their life,and at the same time individuals should learn from one another (‘one candle should be able to light the other candles’). 

As we have discussed in our previous articles that individuals are also important,individuals need to have a certain amount of friendships they can be able to maintain to avoid putting others first,and forgetting that they are significant too.

Lastly,in relationships individuals should put adequate effort to make it work,but at the same time they should keep room for disappointment,and leave the relationship if their mental health is affected.

All in all,individuals should be able to interact with others because it is impossible to do certain things without others in life,therefore those who keep on saying that they do not need friends in life will have serious problems moving forward. 

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