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Valerie Mmanthe Mampshika,[ Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and English ].

Do you still feel as if your ex was your soulmate and nobody can replace them?Then it means that you’ve been in relationships when you knew the other person wasn’t right for you, but every now and then, you’ll leave them and realize you made a huge mistake.Alternatively, your ex may have left you, but you’re confident that you still have a chance to have a happy life together.

So you want to know how to get your ex back?You may have done everything you could to get your ex back, but chances are you went about it the wrong way, as most people do when they’re desperate and emotional when they cannot move on.

This article will be providing tips which individuals can use to get their ex lovers back, and please note that there might be a possibility that the tips might not work for everyone. The most salient tip above all is that it is only a matter of being persistent – but not needy or obsessive while hitting the correct buttons at the same time.

The tips are as follows:
Give your ex lover space,apply the no contact rule especially on social media.

Learn to do things as an individual to prevent being needy.

Make some positive changes in your physical appearance by looking different for instance buying new clothes and changing your hairstyle.

Make some positive changes in your mentality and do some introspection in terms of what you could have done wrong in your previous relationship.

Most importantly allow yourself to grieve for a while, and write a journal about the way you feel which are factors that can be mentioned before restarting the relationship with your ex lover to paint them a clear picture of what could have went wrong previously.

And remember…what was meant for you will always make it’s way back in your life.

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