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Valerie Mmanthe Mampshika,Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and English.

Acknowledging how a child thinks is really the key to making sure that all parents and guardians can transition the development of children.Children are going to go through a substantial amount of changes as they get older, and it begins from birth.

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The stages of development are divided into four parts.Human development provides the broad perspective of understanding the cognitive,emotional,and psychosocial changes.Jean Piaget focused on the use of reflexes which are acquired by adaptations and visual objectives,and at the same time children invent their own schemata for perceiving events which occur around them in the first two years of their lives.The emergence of their intelligence occurs when the cognitive development of children is in relation to the environments they grow up in by learning the personalities of individuals at home and school,in addition they believe that the way individuals do certain activities or the way they behave is accepted.
Due to 

social interactions, and environmental conditions,their perception of the entire world and schemata for reality would be molded as a result of these interactions,and Eril Erikson mentioned that personal physical weaknesses could also affect the development of children.

Lastly to provide more information about their intellectual growth Piaget proposed four stages of cognitive development namely:

Sensorimotor(senses+movement) skills which occurs from birth until two years when children start moving a lot and they try to make sense of the world and sensations.

Preoperational(before the questions)which occurs from two years to to seven years when the language use becomes mature and they think about things symbolically.

Concrete operational(intuitive stage)which occurs from seven to eleven years when they ask a lot of questions which depicts that they are thinking abstractly and 

Formal Operational which occurs from adolescence to adulthood when teenagers learn more about the environment they live in and they come up with possibilities to solve certain theories. 

All in all,parents are the role models of their children,and it is recommended for children to play with other children in their age group,instead of playing with children who are older to avoid children skipping stages of cognitive development and doing things which peers their age are not doing.

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