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Valerie Mmanthe Mampshika,[Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and English.]

Hatred can simply be defined as the intense feeling or individuals hating something or someone in the world.
Individuals form detrimental circles of friends on a daily without their knowledge,as a result other individuals hate them for who they are or what they have.

The title of the article is an unanswered question that most individuals ask themselves,and still they have not received an answer for it.

Since behaviourism is a branch of psychology which focuses on the behaviour of individuals in a specific setting we have combined the theoretical foundation and observation of individuals to answer the question in this article.

Due to behaviourists a consensus was reached which states that behaviour can be easily adapted by other individuals in a specific environment.

Due to observations done of individuals in the environment I have created a few assumptions to answer the question.

Firstly,it is quite noticeable that some individuals form an alliance to hate other individuals by spreading rumours about them.

Secondly,some individuals are envious of some individuals who grew up in well off families because they assume that their future will also run as smooth as silk.

Bullying can also be seen as a form of hatred in such a way that individuals bully others because they would like to be heard,and they might need someone to talk to.

Lastly,according to the Business Insider website it has been proven that individuals hate others because:

Individuals share too many photos on social media and they receive good comments in return.

Individuals have countless friends on social media,whilst others don’t.

Individuals disclose personal information about their lives at an early stage.

Questions are asked,and other individuals do not talk about themselves,at the same time the conversation becomes an interrogation.

Some individuals act “too nice” to others.

Bragging is also a factor which was included,in addition to our observations in relation to psychology children brag more than adults about their lifestyle at home.

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