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Valerie Mmanthe Mampshika, [Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and English]

This article is for all men who are in relationships and might be a bit clueless about what women expect from them in relationships. 

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I will be including a private lesson in this article to teach men about women and which clues they should look out for. Women are considered to be complicated humans and I will tell you why… We use indirect language in most instances.

Communication is key but can be a bit uneasy for women at times,and if you upset her apologise more than once if possible to demonstrate how regretful you are. 

Firstly…All women love attention although they pretend sometimes. 

Secondly… Women love small gifts of things they really need or like. 

Thirdly…No woman wants to see her man with another woman in a comfortable space (pss… they are not jealous it is just natural).

Next up… A lot of sex if possible when she initiates first which creates some form of connection.

The next key point is that… They need to be able to trust you for them to have the ability to open up.

The most important point is… They are all dreaming of a romantic proposal and wedding. 

Women are sensitive so men need to be careful with their diction,because they never forget although they do not mention it.

I have questioned a few male friends and apparently if women mention something more than once then that simply means that they really want it(for example doing a couple photoshoot to have memories)

Women also require a lot of support in everything that they attempt to do in life. 

Most importantly… Treat her like your friends

To sum it up I would like to add that men should also limit the time they spend on their phones and that could improve the state of the relationship.



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