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Valerie Mmanthe Mampshika,[ Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and English ]

A normal human being has to eat three nutritious meals a day, but in terms of children parents need to ensure that they eat healthy food and exercise regularly. Statistics demonstrate that in South Africa 27 percent of children younger than five years are too short for their age and in the same age group, 15 percent are overweight which is quite alarming.

To avoid such circumstances in the future parents need to be firm and strict in terms of monitoring what their children eat from the age of two. When children are naughty there are various ways which parents use to discipline their children, forgetting that food is also important because it determines the future weight of the child. All children have the right to play with other children in South Africa which can be a vital factor that can change the weight of many children who eat more than three times a day. Parents are encouraged to create fun activities for the family at home to create a fun environment for the child to move around in the yard to prepare them for extra-mural activities at school. In psychology behaviourists had the belief that behaviour can be reinforced which simply implies that there is likelihood of behaviour transitioning. Parents can use positive reinforcement on their children by creating a daily routine of eating healthy food three times a day plus a healthy snack which will enable children to be active.

Lastly parents can visit a dietician to learn more food and what their children can eat, or they can do research on their own, and it should not slip their minds to always add at least two glasses of water and a glass of juice in a day, and to avoid their children being overweight parents should pack a nutritious lunch for their children everyday instead of giving them money to buy lunch at school where parents cannot see and discipline them. Most significantly parents should buy healthy food monthly for their households and junk food can be eaten once a month if they can afford it.

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