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Volvo claims that its S90 sedan is loaded with more technology than any other vehicle on the road right now. We’re not entirely sure if that’s true, but the S90 certainly makes a convincing case for being one of the most advanced cars you can purchase today. The safety features on this car alone are extremely impressive, with pedestrian, cyclist, and animal detection systems, as well as an auto braking feature that remains active up to 80 miles per hour and road edge detection. There’s also parking assist and headlights that automatically bend to illuminate curves in the road at night. 
BMW claims that its latest 5 Series is their most technologically advanced cars to date. That’s an impressive boast that the carmaker is able to back-up. Gear heads and gadget freaks will totally geek out over the 5 Series. The gesture-recognition touch screen system (just wave your hand over the screen) that is supported by Apple Car Play is cool enough. But there are also several James Bond-type features in these cars that are truly mind blowing – most impressive being the fact that you can park the car perpendicularly while standing outside of the vehicle by using the key fob as a remote control. 
People who have a bit more money to spend on their vehicle may want to consider the Mercedes Benz S-Class Convertible. Not only does the convertible S-Class come with all the style and coolness one would expect from this car, but it also features some truly high-tech safety features. Take, for example, the roll bars on this convertible. They are invisible until there is an accident, in which case they deploy automatically in a split second. If that doesn’t impress you, there is also a night vision system, lane departure warning system, and even a cross-traffic detection system – all standard in this model.
Tesla’s “Enhanced Autopilot” system consists of lane-keeping assistance, adaptive cruise control, emergency braking, blind-spot monitoring. These functions enable the car to keep to its lane on the motorway, adapt its speed to match the vehicle in front and avoid causing a collision.

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On top of that, it has the ability to change lanes automatically, using the car’s sensors to note the proximity of surrounding cars and the speeds they’re travelling at. It also includes an “Autopark” function that enables the car to park itself, but of course, you should be inside the car at the time to witness this car tech in action!
In the past few years alone, cars have seen a whole gamut of technological advancements, from autonomous braking and safety suites, to performance features and artificial intelligence. As scary as it may sound, we’ve reached the point where cars are learning from their drivers, and tweaking performance in order to offer a more beneficial driving experience.
The future is here today, and it looks like a fully-connected, infotainment-filled, high performance hybrid. Naturally, certain machines are still more technologically advanced than others, which is what make these ten vehicles feel like cars of tomorrow, today.
The modern Porsche 911 is always a fascinating mix of electronic and good ol’ fashioned mechanical engineering. It’s an exercise in bending physics to your will and it’s also a flagship vehicle for one of the most engineering-focused car companies out there. In short, it’s a tech-geek’s playground. The 2022 Porsche 911 GT3 is mechanically fascinating in a number of ways, but it’s hard to get around its unbelievable 4.0-liter flat-six engine that revs to 9,000 rpm while making well over 100 horsepower per litre. It does this while offering a warranty and meeting emissions requirements. Also amazing is the inclusion of tech that just a decade ago would have seemed almost like science fiction.

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