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All conversations are understood better by others when we use body language, but it is quite challenging for women to express their feelings to men they like, although they do not want to be in romantic relationships with some of them. However, there are body gestures that can make a woman appear attractive to any man she likes. In this article we will be providing simple tips which women can put to the test with any guy they like.

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To Shela or to flirt ?

First tip: Eye contact should be maintained for five seconds, they should have a bright smile before turning away in order to create suspense and to leave the guy speechless. Second tip: Women should raise their heads and expose their necks by throwing their hair to the back to create confidence. Third tip: Ladies should sit straight and look up, instead of bowing their heads which would make it obvious to the guy about how she truly feels about him. Fourth tip: Ladies should have the guts to face the guy head on when talking to him, if he is not facing the lady then we suggest that the chest should be facing him directly. Fifth tip: Ladies should ensure that their arms are open at all times to depict availability. Sixth tip: Ladies should never keep their hands in their pockets because it might create awkwardness. Seventh tip: It is quite advisable for women to stand with two legs wide open and one of their hands should be on the waist in order for them to look confident. Eight tip: Women are encouraged to move their hips when they are walking to catch his attention (N.B not too much though). Ninth tip: For ladies to be easily recognized they should gently touch their hair often, and hairstyles should be changed monthly if possible.

And lastly, their eyes should look radiant, and they should be entertaining the guy by bringing various topics during a conversation that might interest him to get him hooked.

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