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It is very usual for the spark to disappear in most relationships, and it is not anyone’s fault. In relationships personalities need to match at some point, and generally an introvert needs to pair himself/herself with an extrovert for instances such as arguments to be at a moderate level. The most imperative thing to do for partners is to ensure that they do not have anything that articulates them to their exes lives, because in the end they require a shoulder to cry when things do not work out in the relationship which becomes unfair for the other person in the relationship.

There are four types of therapy namely group, family, couples and individual therapy since we get affected in all the life roles mentioned. With relationships psychologists encourage couples to get therapy with their families as a whole for them to discuss issues which have affected them before, group therapy for them to learn about the personal experiences of others, individual therapy to do a self-introspection on themselves and couples therapy to sort out issues as a couple and to utilise words such as ‘‘we’’ and not ‘I’, because at the end of the day relationships function when it is a group effort. As a psychology student I have made the decision to provide simple tips in this article that all couples can use to bring the spark back.

Tip 1: Silence is also an answer, in most cases when you are silent your partner will get worried if you are in a serious relationship.

Tip 2: Take plenty pictures with family and friends and post them on all social media accounts.

Tip 3: Limit your availability (provide acceptable excuses).

Tip 4: Focus more on the things you like doing, but most importantly…

Tip 5: Do not stop communicating, just communicate with a strategy.

If the above mentioned tips do not work in the relationship, take initiative and book for couples therapy sessions because the root of the problems are not brought in most conversations and in psychology I have learnt that once the root of the problem is discovered then it becomes easier to come up with strategies to solve the problem.



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