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Stress can be simply defined as an internal state of individuals not being able to cope with daily activities. As a result of the observations made on individuals in my society stress is caused by multiple life roles and numerous responsibilities. When do individuals know that they have stress? I can safely point out that there are a few factors of behaviour which depict stress such as uncontrollable anger, isolation and poor concentration during conversations and the mind does not focus on the problem/s the individual is experiencing, and as psychologists worldwide we aim to provide strategies for our clients to deal with the problems they are facing instead of putting pressure on themselves, whereas they can clear their chests and feel better about certain situations. In this article I will be providing personal tips which individuals can use to deal with stress.

Tip 1- Exercise to relax your body and mind.

Tip2- Relax your muscles (stretching, massage, hot bath and getting a good night’s rest).

Tip 3- Deep breathing to take off the immeasurable pressure.

Tip 4- Eating healthy.

Tip 5- Slow down (set your watch ahead for instance).

Tip 6- Take a break (e.g listening to music, doing yoga, praying, meditating, and spending time in nature).

Tip 7- Make adequate times for your hobbies to distract yourself.

Tip 8- Talk about your problems to lower your stress.

Tip 9- Go easy on yourself by at least preserving your sense of humour.

Tip 10- Eliminate all the factors which trigger your stress.

Bear in mind, you are never alone and most individuals can relate to some of your problems.


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