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Valerie Mmanthe Mampshika,[Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and English ]

A bilingual individual is an individual who has the ability to speak two languages,and a multilingual individual has the ability to speak more than two languages.Numerous individuals travel to other countries for specific reasons,and a need for learning other languages increases yearly. 

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This article will be provided detailed tips on how individuals should learn new languages. 

Tip 1 Individuals should purchase books to read which will enable them to improve their vocabulary every single day. 

Tip 2 Individuals are encouraged to get friends who speak the same language which they would like to learn.

Tip 3 If possible individuals who have smartphones can simply download a translating app on their mobile phones. 

Tip 4 Individuals should steer their focus on exactly what they would like to learn about the language,for instance how to count or greet. 

Tip 5 Individuals should make realistic and  specific goals by having a timeline in mind in terms of the duration they require to learn about certain things.

Tip 6- When learning languages individuals are reminded to keep in mind about the purpose of learning those languages,for instance a student living in China might want to learn Mandarin to communicate with other students in China.

Tip 7-Most importantly individuals should learn the basics first such as phonemes of the language and basic words before they attempt to construct simple sentences.

Tip 8-Not all methods will work for individuals since we learn and grasp information differently,therefore individuals are encouraged to use different methods of learning. 

Tip 9-The second most important tip is that individuals can watch shows of that specific language with subtitles or listen to traditional songs.

Tip 10-Lastly individuals should listen to how certain words are pronounced to make progress in their learning process. 

It is significant to learn a few words of other languages,because we never know when we might have to assist a new person in our societies who cannot speak either of the languages we understand.At the end of the day the purpose of communication is for both the receiver and sender to comprehend the message or the code. 

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