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Valerie Mmanthe Mampshika,[Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and English.]

Have you wondered why some children get distinctions in most of their subjects and your children do not perform well at school?Foundation is really important in education hence they named Grade R-3 the foundation phase.

First of all parents should understand the learning style which their children use before they can assist them with school work.

As an aunt of three and a private tutor I have created tips which parents can use to help their children with schoolwork.The process of learning something is firstly writing it down,calling it out loud to memorise,and trying to mention it without seeing it.

Parents and guardians should ensure that their children follow the three steps which I mentioned previously to help their children.

Secondly parents should start with basics and ensure that their children can read the questions on their own before they can proceed,because understanding is the key factor of any learning area.

Thirdly I have noticed that children learn with colour and parents can try to use coloured paper to write whatever they would like their children to memorise in bold.

The next tip that I normally use with my students is that they need to highlight the first letters of each sentence in all the bullets points to try and memorise paragraphs (for example CCSCC is better than cramming five sentences).

Lastly parents should ask a lot of questions to ensure that their children understand the content,and they should be given more examples after completing their homework.

Remember that if your child is failing then you have also failed as a parent.Most importantly communicate with the teachers to ask about the progress in class.In addition,research should be done if parents do not understand something.

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