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Valerie Mmanthe Mampshika,[Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and English]

Individuals receive relationship advice from their surroundings daily and they try to apply it to their relationships knowing very well that it might not work.Individuals can be considered as distinguished beings,therefore relationships will never be the same for everyone. 

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For me personality is imperative in a way,because it makes it easier for individuals to try and understand their partners. 

A recipe for disaster is an introvert dating another introvert,ironically they won’t be able to break the ice because they are generally known as quiet people who in most instances cannot express the way they feel.Introverts should date extroverts or ambiverts(“ambi” meaning both) to ensure that there is a balance during conversations.

As an extrovert dating an introvert it’s easier for me to start conversations he can enjoy since he is now comfortable around me,at the same time he comments on the topics to show interest.

The other significant factor is that even during arguments,and despite different personalities individuals in relationships should still be able to maintain respect and approach certain things which they do not like in a polite manner to keep things going,and both of them should be given a chance to speak. 

In terms of hobbies or activities couples should use collaboration as one of the negotiation styles in the communication realm to find things which they would love to do together(rather than forcing the other one). 

TV time is another issue… couples would rather watch family shows,comedy shows,and romantic shows to spice up the relationship.In addition they can buy board games to play together for bondage if they cannot afford to play video games which has been proven that it helps numerous adults to get their minds off a lot of things.

Relationships are viewed as team work between different individuals,and the next time you argue with your partner I suggest that you can go for a hike,jog or walk in the neighbourhood instead of cooling off steam separately. 

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