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Motor Comprehensive Cover

Comprehensive Insurance for your vehicle

The insurance solutions we crafted with our carefully selected insurance partners provide comprehensive protection for your vehicle, making sure that any repair work necessary will be done by qualified specialists according to the manufacturer’s specifications.

Tyre and Rim Cover

Cover in the event of damaged Tyres or Rims

In the event of a valid claim, this policy will cover the replacement of your vehicle’s Tyres or Rims which are irreparably damaged due to Road Hazards or Malicious Damage.

Main Benefits:

Cover is limited to Malicious Damage or Accidental Damage caused by:

Cuts | Snags | Irreparable Damage | Puncture | Bruises | Potholes | Rocks | Broken Glass | Steel Bits | Wooden Debris | Splinters

Scratch and Dent Cover

Cover for unexplained chips, dents and scratches

Cover for unexplained chips, dents and scratches due to everyday wear and tear, keeping your vehicle in showroom condition.

Main Benefits:

No Excess payable

3 year guarantee on all repair work done through a national repair network

Repair of Chips not exceeding 1.5mm in diameter

Repair of Dents & Scratches not exceeding 15cm in length

Wheel Rims and Mag Wheels

Tar Removal

No effect on your no claim bonus

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