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Two months ago a vaccination programme for educators and other staff members in schools was created to ensure that educators do not pass on the virus to the learners in schools, although it was voluntary the Department of Education urged the educators to vaccinate. On the 1st of September the age group (18-34 years) will begin with their vaccination programme, but the programme dates for children below the age of 18 have not been revealed yet. Parents should consider accompaning their children to vaccination centres during the 4th quarter of the year to reduce the risk of them catching the virus from their schools since the knowledge of primary school learners is minimal (wearing masks and not having the privilege to play on the playgrounds is quite peculiar to them). Unfortunately children from the age of 12 and those who are below that age have an extra jab they have to be prepared for mentally.

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 For each and every individual who gets vaccinated they receive an immunisation card which they have to keep to utilise in the future to enter a grocery store for instance. The Gauteng education MEC Mr Panyaza Lesufi has mentioned during a briefing that pupils starting Grade 1 in 2022 will need to provide proof that they have vaccinated before going through the admission process at any school and this only applies to Grade 1’s. The department of education will open online and walk-in admissions for Grade 1 and 8 pupils from August the 10th for the year 2022. Mr Lesufi’s suggestion might be a result of Gauteng being the epicentre of this deadly virus, and his duty is to ensure that decisions which are made are beneficiary for the livelihoods of the learners and for parents to have assurance that their children are taken care of in their absence.

The question is will education MECs from other provinces consider Mr Lesufi’s idea for all the children in the country to avoid deaths from the deadly virus at all costs. To sum up the article everybody should be prepared enough for the virus to protect themselves and their families.


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