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The government urges the unemployed youth to apply for assistant posts in the Department of Basic Education (DBE). In the previous year President Cyril Ramaphosa mentioned that a number of unemployed youth (ages 18-35) would qualify to be hired as teaching assistants in primary and high schools. After the first phase was successful a different group of the unemployed youth signed a contract for July-December 2021 and the next phase is scheduled to start from December 2021 until March the consecutive year. The website for the applications is still under maintenance unfortunately ( and potential applicants should be patient. Happily, those who receive the Social Relief Development Grant (srd) can also apply.

The astonished Department’s spokesperson Mr Mhlanga disclosed that the idea of the assistants was highly welcomed by the school governing bodies (sgb’s) and general communities because the parents knew that there would be more individuals in schools taking care of the children by lessening the hardships teachers face on a daily basis such as checking if the schoolwork and homework has been completed on time, whilst the teachers focus on completing the curriculum.

Nonetheless, some eligible applicants have expressed their frustration on social media accounts such as Twitter about the mentioned initiative by accusing the government of not taking the high unemployment rate seriously.

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