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Vivid 19 Food shortage

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The United Nations office Geneva

The United Nations (UN) comprises of one-hundred and ninety-three states from the entire world, and their mandate is to ensure that worldwide goals are met. All the presidents attend the summits and imperative decisions to make the world a better place are concluded. The union has created 17 sustainable goals which are attainable for all the states (developed and underdeveloped) to achieve. The current goals which have been proposed have to be achieved by the year 2030 before officials from all the states unite. According to the Italian Prime Minister Mano Draghi, Covid-19 has led to food crisis globally. The UN must ensure that there is adequate accessibility for food supplies, although vaccines should also be a priority in order for everyone to live normal lives once again.

The minister mentioned previously was gallant enough to address the food crisis at the opening of the United Nations Food Systems Pre-Summit in Rome. Mr Draghi clearly stated that the global health crisis has led to a food crisis by demonstrating cited statistics from the net which clearly depicts that malnutrition is present which might be the reason that causes numerous cases of ill health, and for the growth of the global mortality rate. The first UN Food Systems Summit will occur in September 2021 with the main aim of developing progress on the body’s 2030 sustainable goals.

Whilst the elected officials are concerned about the health and food crisis it has come to their attention that the world’s food system is answerable for a third of the global greenhouse gas emissions, and at a later stage climate change might be another worry.

In brief, the elected officials who participate in all the summits of the UN should plan ahead for more challenges the world might encounter because of Covid-19, as cliché as it may sound ‘prevention is better than cure’, although not all the states will have adequate funds to make better changes.

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