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Valerie Mmanthe Mampshika, [ Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and English ].

Nurses deal with different types of patients every single day, and the Health Department forgets that they are also humans. I personally feel as if nurses do not receive adequate recognition and rewards for their amazing service for assisting doctor’s day in day out.

Most public hospitals are normally overcrowded, but instead of the Health Department dealing with the issue the family members of the patients badmouth nurses especially on social media for utilising their phones for instance during their breaks .

Nurses are qualified to help people in the community in various ways, and individuals should focus on the good things they have done so far because no one is perfect.

Somewhere in the near future the government has to ensure that all the nurses in the country get adequate recognition and rewards, and most importantly they should get some form of therapy for them to get various strategies from psychologists on how to deal with various patients, and for them to have the ability to separate their personal lives and their jobs.

Bare in mind that mental health is defined as the emotional, psychological, and social well-being obstacles which affects our personalities (the way we think, act and feel as individuals), and sometimes with nurses what occurs at home or at work has an impact on the way they end up treating patients, as a result of unsolved problems.

Nurses play a significant role in our lives,and at times they cannot reach their full potential when some hospitals do not have adequate resources to help all the patients,moreover individuals should complain to the management about some issues instead of treating nurses as if they have the highest roles in the hospital,and that triggers a lot of emotions for them because they end up having pressure of ensuring that all the special needs of patients are taken care of.Bottomline is that nurses should be treated like everyone in a respectful manner,and approached in an appropriate manner.



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#Spirit_Sundays with ValM

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