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For many decades in South African townships kotas have been sold, but for the past few years food business owners have tried to alter the methodology of how food is prepared by ensuring that their menus are tweaked (new dishes are added and prices are re-evaluated once in a while) a bit to impress their new and regular customers. Bophelo Mohlakoana is the face behind the food business named ‘Uneek Eats’ which we will unravel in this article. During his high school days Bophelo became a ‘foodie’, and as a normal kasi guy he supported all the business owners who tried to make a living in the neighbourhood whether the food was made in a container or anywhere else nearby any corner of busy roads. ‘Uneek Eats’ officially became a food business about a year ago during the pandemic when Bophelo realised that time is a ticking bomb. Bottom-line is the fact that Bophelo had to start his business with the amount of money and resources he had. With the support he received from community members a year later Bophelo has all the materials he requires in his container which makes it a lot easier to complete his meals on time.

Dagwoods are quite rare to find in Tembisa, and this could probably mean that Bophelo has no rivals in business currently. One meal takes about ten to fifteen minutes to complete due to the high volume of orders. To keep his regular customers during these hard times sales had to decrease and prices of products which they utilise to make the meals have increased as an aftermath of the state’s bad economy. Majority of the regular customers would like to sit and enjoy their meals instead of purchasing takeaways which is the only current issue Bophelo is facing. It is quite understandable why the name of the business is ‘Uneek Eats’, because Mr Mohlakoana makes his own sauces and flavours change on a weekly basis which simply implies that customers experience different tastes from the same food spot (a strategy which works well for the business). Gratitude and appreciation towards Mr Mohlakoana’s Consumer Studies educators from high school was granted because they taught him how to make sample food which led to the development of love for food which he also prepared for his loving family and friends.

‘‘People have to be strong because business is hard to maintain and you need to have passion for what you are doing for you to get exceptional results and also believe in yourself and your god given talent’’, and those are Mr Mohlakoana’s final words. In simpler terms, nobody can tell you what to do because all individuals know their capabilities and as a result we are all ‘Uneek’.

Contact details:

Whatsapp: 081 739 8223

Facebook: Bophelo Hope Meister

Address for orders to be collected:

279 Barney Molokoane Street

Umnonjaneni Section



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